Class Hitsplat

  • public class Hitsplat
    extends java.lang.Object
    A hitsplat that has been applied to an Actor.
    • Constructor Summary

      Constructor Description
      Hitsplat​(int hitsplatType, int amount, int disappearsOnGameCycle)  
    • Constructor Detail

      • Hitsplat

        public Hitsplat​(@HitsplatType
                        int hitsplatType,
                        int amount,
                        int disappearsOnGameCycle)
    • Method Detail

      • isMine

        public boolean isMine()
      • isOthers

        public boolean isOthers()
      • getHitsplatType

        public int getHitsplatType()
        The type of hitsplat.
      • getAmount

        public int getAmount()
        The value displayed by the hitsplat.
      • getDisappearsOnGameCycle

        public int getDisappearsOnGameCycle()
        When the hitsplat will disappear.