Class Angle

  • public final class Angle
    extends Object
    Represents an in-game orientation that uses fixed point arithmetic.

    Angles are represented as an int value ranging from 0-2047, where the following is true:

    • 0 is true South
    • 512 is true West
    • 1024 is true North
    • 1536 is true East
    • Constructor Detail

      • Angle

        public Angle​(int angle)
    • Method Detail

      • getNearestDirection

        public Direction getNearestDirection()
        Converts the angle value to the nearest cardinal direction.

        Each cardinal direction contains 512 angles, ranging between -256 and +256 of it's true value. Negative values and values above 2047 are wrapped accordingly.

        Nearest cardinal direction to the angle
      • getAngle

        public int getAngle()
        The raw angle value.
      • hashCode

        public int hashCode()
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