Class LootManager

  • @Singleton
    public class LootManager
    extends java.lang.Object
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      java.util.Collection<ItemStack> getItemSpawns​(net.runelite.api.coords.WorldPoint worldPoint)
      Get the list of items present at the provided WorldPoint that spawned this tick.
      void onAnimationChanged​( e)  
      void onGameTick​( gameTick)  
      void onItemDespawned​( itemDespawned)  
      void onItemQuantityChanged​( itemQuantityChanged)  
      void onItemSpawned​( itemSpawned)  
      void onNpcChanged​( npcChanged)  
      void onNpcDespawned​( npcDespawned)  
      void onPlayerDespawned​( playerDespawned)  
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    • Method Detail

      • onNpcDespawned

        public void onNpcDespawned​( npcDespawned)
      • onPlayerDespawned

        public void onPlayerDespawned​( playerDespawned)
      • onItemSpawned

        public void onItemSpawned​( itemSpawned)
      • onItemDespawned

        public void onItemDespawned​( itemDespawned)
      • onItemQuantityChanged

        public void onItemQuantityChanged​( itemQuantityChanged)
      • onAnimationChanged

        public void onAnimationChanged​( e)
      • onNpcChanged

        public void onNpcChanged​( npcChanged)
      • onGameTick

        public void onGameTick​( gameTick)
      • getItemSpawns

        public java.util.Collection<ItemStack> getItemSpawns​(net.runelite.api.coords.WorldPoint worldPoint)
        Get the list of items present at the provided WorldPoint that spawned this tick.
        worldPoint - the location in question
        the list of item stacks