Class WidgetMenuOption

  • public final class WidgetMenuOption
    extends Object
    • Constructor Detail

      • WidgetMenuOption

        public WidgetMenuOption​(String menuOption,
                                String menuTarget,
                                net.runelite.api.widgets.WidgetInfo widget)
        Creates a menu to be added to right click menus. The menu will only be added if match is found within the menu options
        menuOption - Option text of this right click option
        menuTarget - Target text of this right click option
        widget - The widget to attach this option to
    • Method Detail

      • setMenuOption

        public void setMenuOption​(String option)
      • setMenuTarget

        public void setMenuTarget​(String target)
        Sets the target of the menu option. Color code will be added on to target
        target - The target text without color code.
      • getMenuOption

        public String getMenuOption()
      • getMenuTarget

        public String getMenuTarget()
      • getWidget

        public net.runelite.api.widgets.WidgetInfo getWidget()
      • getColor

        public Color getColor()
      • setColor

        public void setColor​(Color col)