Class ClueScrollPlugin

    • Constructor Detail

      • ClueScrollPlugin

        public ClueScrollPlugin()
    • Method Detail

      • configure

        public void configure​( binder)
        Specified by:
        configure in interface
        configure in class Plugin
      • onChatMessage

        public void onChatMessage​( event)
      • onMenuOptionClicked

        public void onMenuOptionClicked​( event)
      • onItemContainerChanged

        public void onItemContainerChanged​( event)
      • onNpcSpawned

        public void onNpcSpawned​( event)
      • onNpcDespawned

        public void onNpcDespawned​( event)
      • onDecorativeObjectChanged

        public void onDecorativeObjectChanged​( event)
      • onDecorativeObjectDespawned

        public void onDecorativeObjectDespawned​( event)
      • onDecorativeObjectSpawned

        public void onDecorativeObjectSpawned​( event)
      • onGameObjectChanged

        public void onGameObjectChanged​( event)
      • onGameObjectDespawned

        public void onGameObjectDespawned​( event)
      • onGameObjectSpawned

        public void onGameObjectSpawned​( event)
      • onGroundObjectChanged

        public void onGroundObjectChanged​( event)
      • onGroundObjectDespawned

        public void onGroundObjectDespawned​( event)
      • onGroundObjectSpawned

        public void onGroundObjectSpawned​( event)
      • onWallObjectChanged

        public void onWallObjectChanged​( event)
      • onWallObjectDespawned

        public void onWallObjectDespawned​( event)
      • onWallObjectSpawned

        public void onWallObjectSpawned​( event)
      • onGameStateChanged

        public void onGameStateChanged​( event)
      • onGameTick

        public void onGameTick​( event)
      • onWidgetLoaded

        public void onWidgetLoaded​( event)
      • onCommandExecuted

        public void onCommandExecuted​( commandExecuted)
      • getMirrorPoint

        public static net.runelite.api.coords.WorldPoint getMirrorPoint​(net.runelite.api.coords.WorldPoint worldPoint,
                                                                        boolean toOverworld)
        Translate a coordinate either between overworld and real, or real and overworld
        worldPoint -
        toOverworld - whether to convert to overworld coordinates, or to real coordinates
      • getNpcsToMark

        public List<net.runelite.api.NPC> getNpcsToMark()
      • getObjectsToMark

        public List<net.runelite.api.TileObject> getObjectsToMark()
      • getNamedObjectsToMark

        public Set<net.runelite.api.TileObject> getNamedObjectsToMark()
      • getEquippedItems

        public net.runelite.api.Item[] getEquippedItems()
      • getInventoryItems

        public net.runelite.api.Item[] getInventoryItems()
      • getClient

        public net.runelite.api.Client getClient()