Class HerbiboarPlugin

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                      description="Highlight starting rocks, trails, and the objects to search at the end of each trail",
    public class HerbiboarPlugin
    extends Plugin
    • Constructor Detail

      • HerbiboarPlugin

        public HerbiboarPlugin()
    • Method Detail

      • getClient

        public Client getClient()
      • getOverlay

        public net.runelite.client.plugins.herbiboars.HerbiboarOverlay getOverlay()
      • getMinimapOverlay

        public net.runelite.client.plugins.herbiboars.HerbiboarMinimapOverlay getMinimapOverlay()
      • getStarts

        public Map<WorldPoint,​TileObject> getStarts()
        Objects which appear at the beginning of Herbiboar hunting trails
      • getTrailObjects

        public Map<WorldPoint,​TileObject> getTrailObjects()
        Objects which trigger next trail (mushrooms, mud, seaweed, etc)
      • getTunnels

        public Map<WorldPoint,​TileObject> getTunnels()
        Tunnel where the Herbiboar is hiding at the end of a trail
      • getShownTrails

        public Set<Integer> getShownTrails()
        Trail object IDs which should be highlighted
      • getCurrentPath

        public List<net.runelite.client.plugins.herbiboars.HerbiboarSearchSpot> getCurrentPath()
        Sequence of herbiboar spots searched along the current trail
      • isInHerbiboarArea

        public boolean isInHerbiboarArea()
      • getNextTrail

        public net.runelite.client.plugins.herbiboars.TrailToSpot getNextTrail()
      • getCurrentGroup

        public net.runelite.client.plugins.herbiboars.HerbiboarSearchSpot.Group getCurrentGroup()
      • getFinishId

        public int getFinishId()
      • isStarted

        public boolean isStarted()
      • getStartPoint

        public WorldPoint getStartPoint()
      • getStartSpot

        public net.runelite.client.plugins.herbiboars.HerbiboarStart getStartSpot()