Interface XpTrackerService

  • public interface XpTrackerService
    • Method Detail

      • getActions

        int getActions​(Skill skill)
        Get the number of actions done
      • getActionsHr

        int getActionsHr​(Skill skill)
        Get the number of actions per hour
      • getActionsLeft

        int getActionsLeft​(Skill skill)
        Get the number of actions remaining
      • getXpHr

        int getXpHr​(Skill skill)
        Get the amount of xp per hour
      • getStartGoalXp

        int getStartGoalXp​(Skill skill)
        Get the start goal XP
      • getEndGoalXp

        int getEndGoalXp​(Skill skill)
        Get the amount of XP left until goal level
      • getTimeTilGoal

        String getTimeTilGoal​(Skill skill)
        Get the amount of time left until goal level