Class ContainableFrame

    • Constructor Detail

      • ContainableFrame

        public ContainableFrame()
    • Method Detail

      • setLocation

        public void setLocation​(int x,
                                int y)
        setLocation in class Window
      • setBounds

        public void setBounds​(int x,
                              int y,
                              int width,
                              int height)
        setBounds in class Window
      • expandBy

        public void expandBy​(int value)
        Expand frame by specified value. If the frame is going to be expanded outside of screen push the frame to the side.
        value - size to expand frame by
      • contractBy

        public void contractBy​(int value)
        Contract frame by specified value. If new frame size is less than it's minimum size, force the minimum size. If the frame was pushed from side before, restore it's original position.
        value - value to contract frame by
      • setMaximizedBounds

        public void setMaximizedBounds​(Rectangle bounds)
        Due to Java bug JDK-4737788, maximizing an undecorated frame causes it to cover the taskbar. As a workaround, Substance calls this method when the window is maximized to manually set the bounds, but its calculation ignores high-DPI scaling. We're overriding it to correctly calculate the maximized bounds.
        setMaximizedBounds in class Frame
      • revalidateMinimumSize

        public void revalidateMinimumSize()
        Force minimum size of frame to be it's layout manager's minimum size
      • setExpandResizeType

        public void setExpandResizeType​(ExpandResizeType expandResizeType)