Class ProgressBar

    • Constructor Detail

      • ProgressBar

        public ProgressBar()
    • Method Detail

      • setDimmed

        public void setDimmed​(boolean dimmed)
        Description copied from class: DimmableJPanel
        Dimming sets all parts of this component with darker colors except for the central label This is useful for showing that progress is paused Setting dim to false will restore the original colors from before the component was dimmed.
        setDimmed in class DimmableJPanel
      • setLeftLabel

        public void setLeftLabel​(String txt)
      • setRightLabel

        public void setRightLabel​(String txt)
      • setCenterLabel

        public void setCenterLabel​(String txt)
      • setDimmedText

        public void setDimmedText​(String txt)
      • getPercentage

        public int getPercentage()
      • setMaximumValue

        public void setMaximumValue​(int maximumValue)
      • setValue

        public void setValue​(int value)
      • setPositions

        public void setPositions​(List<Integer> positions)