Class RuneLiteTabbedPaneUI

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    com.formdev.flatlaf.ui.FlatStylingSupport.StyleableUI, SwingConstants

    public class RuneLiteTabbedPaneUI
    extends com.formdev.flatlaf.ui.FlatTabbedPaneUI
    • Field Detail

      • expandWrappedTabs

        protected boolean expandWrappedTabs
      • evenlyWrapTabs

        protected boolean evenlyWrapTabs
      • variableSize

        protected boolean variableSize
        If the tabs are always a single size
      • deselectable

        protected boolean deselectable
        If the there can be no tab selected
    • Constructor Detail

      • RuneLiteTabbedPaneUI

        public RuneLiteTabbedPaneUI()
    • Method Detail

      • createLayoutManager

        protected LayoutManager createLayoutManager()
        createLayoutManager in class com.formdev.flatlaf.ui.FlatTabbedPaneUI
      • createMouseListener

        protected MouseListener createMouseListener()
        createMouseListener in class com.formdev.flatlaf.ui.FlatTabbedPaneUI