Interface PlayerComposition

  • public interface PlayerComposition
    Represents the template of a player.
    • Method Detail

      • isFemale

        boolean isFemale()
        use getGender
        Checks if the player is female.
        true if the player is female
      • getGender

        int getGender()
        Get the player gender
        0 for male, 1 for female
      • getColors

        int[] getColors()
        Get the body part colors for this player composition.
        an array of the colors, always size 5
      • getEquipmentIds

        int[] getEquipmentIds()
        Gets an array of IDs related to equipment slots.

        If the ID for a specific slot is between 256 and 512, subtracting 256 will result in the kit ID. Values above 512 indicate an item and can be converted to the item ID by subtracting 512.

        the equipment IDs
      • getEquipmentId

        int getEquipmentId​(KitType type)
        Gets the equipment ID of a particular slot.
        type - equipment slot
        the equipment ID
      • getKitId

        int getKitId​(KitType type)
        Gets the kit ID of a particular slot.
        type - equipment slot
        the kit ID
      • setHash

        void setHash()
        Update the cached hash value for player equipment Used to cache the player models based on equipment.
      • getColorTextureOverrides

        ColorTextureOverride[] getColorTextureOverrides()
        Get the overrides for this player composition, indexed by kit id. The overrides replace the target color/textures for the item instead of using the target colors/textures from the item composition. Only works if the kittype is an item.