Interface RuneLiteObject

    • Method Detail

      • setModel

        void setModel​(Model model)
        Sets the model of the RuneLiteObject
      • setAnimation

        void setAnimation​(Animation animation)
        Sets the animation of the RuneLiteObject If animation is null model will be static
      • setShouldLoop

        void setShouldLoop​(boolean shouldLoop)
        Sets whether the animation of the RuneLiteObject should loop when the animation ends. If this is false the object will despawn when the animation ends. Does nothing if the animation is null.
      • setLocation

        void setLocation​(LocalPoint point,
                         int plane)
        Sets the location in the scene for the RuneLiteObject
      • setActive

        void setActive​(boolean active)
        Sets the state of the RuneLiteObject Set to true to spawn the object Set to false to despawn the object
      • isActive

        boolean isActive()
        Gets the state of the RuneLiteObject
        true if the RuneLiteObject is added to the scene
      • getOrientation

        int getOrientation()
        Get the object orientation
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      • setOrientation

        void setOrientation​(int orientation)
        Set the object orientation
        orientation -
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      • getRadius

        int getRadius()
        Get the object radius. The radius is offset from the object position to form a 2d rectangle, and the tiles the corners are in are used to determine the min and max scene x/y the object is on. These tiles are then drawn first prior to the object being drawn, so that the object renders correctly over top of each tile. The default radius is 60, marginally less than 128/2, which works well for models the size of a single tile.
      • setRadius

        void setRadius​(int radius)
        Set the object radius
        radius -
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      • drawFrontTilesFirst

        boolean drawFrontTilesFirst()
        If true, the rectangle computed from the radius has 1 or 2 of its sides expanded by a full tile based on the orientation the object is facing. This causes the tiles the object is facing to be drawn first, even if the radius of the object would not place the object on that tile. The default is false.
      • setDrawFrontTilesFirst

        void setDrawFrontTilesFirst​(boolean drawFrontTilesFirst)
        Sets whether the front tiles are drawn first.
        drawFrontTilesFirst -
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